40 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD Semester 2

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD Semester 2 – Sudah kelas 3 SD dan butuh latihan soal? Kami punya stok contoh soal yang cukup banyak untuk kalian. 🙂

I. Choose the Best Answer by Crossing (X) a, b, or c!

Text for question 1-5.

Resni goes to the swimming pool today. She goes there with her sister Nia. Reni wants to learn how to swim. It is a big swimming pool with 3 pools. Resni wear a life jacket. She wear kife jacket because she can not swim. Her sister teach and guide her to swim until resni can swim. Resni like to swim.

1. Where is Resni goes today?

a. market b. school c. swimming pool

2. Why Resni goes there?

a. to learn how to swim b. to buy a life jacket c. swim with her sister

3. Why Resni wear life jacket?

a. beacuse it is easy b. because she can not swim c. because her sister ask her

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4. Who teach her to swim?

a. her mother b. life jacket c. her sister

5. does Resni like to swim?

a. Yes. she does b. No. she does c. yes, She does not

6. We wear . . . when we swim.

a. uniform b. trouser c. swimming suit

7. We wear. . . .in our eyes when we swim.

a. eye glasses b. swim goggles c. float

8. We eat breakfast in the . . .

a. afternoon b. evening c. morning

9. we eat dinner in the . . .

a. afternoon b. evening c. morning

10. we eat luch in the . .

a. afternoon b. evening c. morning

11. People breath with their . . .

a. nose b. ears c. lips

12. Elbow. In Indonesia is . . .

a. lutut b. siku c. leher

13. Knee. In Indonesia is . . .

a. lutut b. siku c. leher

14. Shoulder. In Indonesia is . . .

a. dagu b. punggung c. bahu

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15. Jean go to the park. In Indonesia is. . . .

a. Jean pergi ke mall b. Jean pergi ke kota c. Jean pergi ke taman.

16. Mother is cooking cake in the . . .

a. kitchen b. garden c. living room

17. We can see . . . .in the kitchen.

a. stove, flower, car
b. oven, stove, refrigerator
c. bicycle, knife, meal

18. Father use . . .to cut the meat.

a. fork b. spoon c. knife

19. We wear . . . when it is cold.

a. cap b. pants c. jacket

20. We wear . . . when it is hot.

a. cap b. jacket c. scarf

21. Wendy wear a beautiful . . in her birthday. (gaun)

a. shirt b. dress c. coat

22. Turtle. In Indonesia is . . .

a. ikan b. biawak c. kura-kura

23. Ayam betina, kelinci, burung. In English is . . .

a. hen, rabbit, bird b. hen, rabbit, bird c. cock, bird, hen

24. A . . . moves by jumping . It eats small animal.

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a. frog b. bird c. lizard

25. An animal that like honey is . . .

a. dog b. cat c. bear

II. Translate the Words Below into English!

26. dua puluh satu 31. sarapan
27. tangga 32. tangan
28. Anak kucing 33. leher
29. bunga mawar 34. nanas
30. ruang makan 35. anggur

III. Fill in the Blanks below!

36. A lion . . . meat.
37. My mother need . . . . and . . . to make a soup. (kentang dan wortel)
38. Jari tangan. In English is . . .
39. A girl put her earring on the . . .
40. Lika . . . a letter for her aunt.

Answer Keys

1.C 11.A 21.B
2.A 12.B 22.C
3.B 13.A 23.B
4.C 14.C 24.A
5.A 15.C 25.B
6.C 16. A
7.B 17.B
8.C 18.C
9.B 19.C
10.A 20.A

26. Twenty one 31. Breakfast
27. Stair 32. hand
28. Kitten 33. neck
29. Rose 34. pineapple
30. Dining room 35. grape

36. eats
37. potato and carrot
38. Finger
39. ear
40. write

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